YOUTUBE USER veilcerpintaxtless says: 

"INTERPRETATION: Two housemates prepare breakfast as they listen to "No Words" on the radio. Needless to say, they groove out to the catchy beats and soulful voice of Erik Hassle. As they dance and chop up their veggies and crack open their eggs, one of the women comes out to set up the table and goes back into the kitchen to rejoin her friend in their early-morning breakfast tradition.

They suddenly see the hand of an intruder outside the kitchen; one of them grabs a knife quickly as they both make their way to the door. They discover a man singing along to the song and watch him curiously as he makes his way into the kitchen and tear it apart as he grooves to the rhythm of the song.

As one of the women grooves to the beat of the song, the other one notices how sad the lyrics are and how tormented Erik is while he is singing them and starts to tear up.

The video shows a duality within the nature of most pop songs today; how they come from places of real and deep emotion and then structured into a verse, chorus, verse and chorus. While one of the women is hung-up on the feel-good beat, the other one sees the struggle Erik is going through and cries for him empathetically

This is a very beautiful song, with a very beautiful video. Have a wonderful day guys. I'm out of words babe".