Written by Ellis Bahl 

Story by Chuco Moreno, Ryan Hope, & Ellis Bahl 

Feature film to be directed by Ryan Hope. Produced by Jean Mougin in association with American Zoetrope and The Directors Bureau.

HONOR FARM is based on the true life story of Chuco Moreno as he navigates the seemingly impossible task of leaving a dangerous street gang while keeping his young family safe. Set in the Central Valley of Northern California in the late 90’s, Chuco is torn between teenage romance and the love, loyalty, and respect he has for his older cousin, and the gang’s notoriously violent leader, Andre.

Ryan Hope initially brought me on to cut 20 pages out of a 140 page crime epic he and Chuco had been working on for a few years. After hearing my take, the decision was made to hire me as the sole writer of a page 1 rewrite.  And so I became the first writer to ever be commissioned up front by American Zoetrope, (Francis Ford Coppola’s famed production company). 

I began conducting extensive research into Chicano culture, politics, and attitudes, including 50+ interview hours with Chuco, whose lived experience is what the film is based upon. The exciting challenge was how to tell the most compelling story possible in a two hour film while absolutely honoring the humanity of the characters' real life counterparts.